Upcoming Auction Pictures

Early Veterans Day Auction Catalog

November 6,  2021

1 Federal Slide Cover Box:  A circa 1810 Feather birch panel  storage box with original decorative wallpaper interior. All original crotch mahogany veneer with 4 small ball feet. Dimension:  2.75″ Height  9.5″ Length 5.5″ Width
2  Queen Anne mirror with original glass with excellent wood frame of typical design.
Date: 18th Century
Dimension: 20” Height, 10” Width
3 Vermont Car Table:  Hepplewhite demilune card table in mahogany. With gold stenciling on legs and front.
Date: 19th Century
Dimension: 35.5″ Length, 29” Height, 17.5” Depth
4 NH Painted Candlestand: This is an important painted Hepplewhite candlestand retaining its original paint decoration in exceptional condition. The candlestand was made circa 1800 most likely in New Hampshire. On the underside one can see the tiger maple grain with a thin red wash over it. The original black paint with its original shellac finish has that dry crusty surface that is so desirable to collectors. This may be the finest NH example of a floral painted candlestand we have seen.  Date: Circa 1800 Dimension: 18″ Square, 28.5” Height
5 Carved Eagle:  Carved spread wing eagle of great craftmanship on a later date stand. Eagle perched on ball.
Date: 19th Century
Dimension: 12″ Height 21.5” Wingspan
6 Balloon Poster: Poster advertising Charles F. Durand’s third lift off in a balloon from Castle Garden, NY. Durand was the first American balloonist. His third balloon ride was witnessed by over 20,000 spectators. By 1840 Durant stopped ballooning on the insistence of his wife.
Date: 1831
Dimension: 31″ Length 22.5” Width
7 Liverpool creamware jug in color labeled ” Peace and Prosperity to America”. On one side is ” Success to America”  and the other “May the Tree of Liberty Ever Flourish”. Dimension: 8″ Height
8 Liverpool creamware jug with the 13 colonies and a masonic eye on one side and the reverse a sailing ship. An eagle with 13 stars on the front. Applied handle. Dimensions:  9.5″ Height
9 Staffordshire Jug of Layfayette: Staffordshire blue and white Jug ” General Lafayette welcome to the land of liberty” with multiple versus on all sides. Dimensions: 8″ Height
10 Liverpool creamware jug  labeled HP-SH in purple luster with good transfer image of George Washington on one side and the sailing ship “The True Blooded Yankee”. Applied handle. Dimensions: 7.5″ height
11 Liverpool creamware jug with E. pluribus Unum on one side ands a sailing ship on the other. An engaged couple in the front.  Dimensions: 7.5″ Height
12 French landscape: Woodland landscape by Charles Bousquet (French 1857-1946) with original gilt  frame. Unsigned but identified on the back, oil on canvas. Dimensions: 15″ 18.25″ Painting 20.5″ x23″ Overall
13 Rhode Island Card table: Mahogany Chippendale card table with serptine front, corner brackets and molded legs. A small, secret drawer in the back. Attributed to John Townsend.
Date: 18th Century
Dimension: 34.5″ Length,28.5” Height, 16.5” Depth
14 MA Sheraton Card Table: This Massachusetts  Sheraton mahogany card table is unusual in that it has a center drawer in the skirt which is original to the table. Additionally  the beautifully shaped top and apron is of outstanding design.  There are feathered birch panels on each end of the table as well as the drawer front with contrasting crotch mahogany veneers and rosewood banding. Date: Circa 1810     Dimensions:  30″Height  36 1/2″Width  18″ Depth
15 Washington Portrait: This exceptional portrait of Washington was hanging for many years in a historical society in Pennsylvania until recently when it was deaccessioned. The original gilt frame is impressive in both size and quality. It dates back to 1820-30 when the painting was done. Although unsigned, the painting was obviously done by a very well competent artist based on the famous portrait by Gilbert Stuart. The painting and frame were covered in soot, presumably from a nearby fireplace. We had them cleaned to reveal the wonderful colors of the paint and the gold of the frame.  Dimensions: Painting: 31″ x 25 1/2″. Frame: 41″ x 36″   
16 Jefferson Portrait: Paintings of Thomas Jefferson are rather scarce and are considered highly desirable.  This circa 1830 oil on canvas painting was done after Gilbert Stuart’s famous example. It has had a museum quality cleaning and conservation and is ready to be hung in your home. The frame is an appropriate replacement. Frame dimensions: 35 3/4″ x 27″
17 Hamilton Portrait: Very few portraits of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, ever appear on the market. The artist, George A. Tompkin, based it on the original by John Trumbull which is on the ten dollar bill. Tompkin was a noted artist in the Mystic, CT area.   The  frame is original frame and  high quality. The painting is signed and dated 1934 on the reverse. There is also an exhibition label “Lyman Alllyn Museum 1935”. The museum is in New London, Connecticut and opened in that year. It seems likely that the museum commissioned the painting for the opening. Framed dimensions: 30″ x 25″
18 “The Death of General Washington” was made after the engraving by Amos Doolittle, also known as the “Paul Revere of Connecticut”. Six cartouches surround the death scene praising the General who was “First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of Americans”’. This is a rare and historic printed textile in brown print. Depicted on the print is George Washington at his deathbed accompanied by his doctors with Martha Washington siting at the foot of his bed.  Dimensions: 22″ length 19″ height
19 Garfield Lot: This is an interesting historical lot consisting of a framed announcement of President Garfield’s assassination along with an autograph book and photograph.   Framed is a telegraph describing the assassination of President Andrew Garfield on July 2nd 1881, a picture of the late President is attached to the telegraph, along with an cut out of a newspaper which describes where the assassination took place, and describes that the President was dying – not dead yet. President Garfield would later die on September 19th. Accompanied is an autograph register with over 200 members of the 40th Congress (House of Representatives signatures out of 226 members) of the United States. Autographs include Schuyler Colfax as 17th Speaker of the House and latter Vice President,  James Garfield later as the 20th President of the United States and several Civil veterans and Generals including Major General Nathaniel Banks. The 40th Congress was known for the impeachment of President Johnson. A photo of the 19th President of the United States is included as both Garfield and Rutherford  B. Hayes were Civil War Generals and Ohio politicians. Hayes served in the 39th Congress and than became Governor of Ohio.
Date: Autograph book compiled Feb 1869
Dimension: Framed article and telegraph  is 12″ Length, 15 Height
20 English lacquered storage box with hinged lid and mother of pearl inlay. Highly decorated. Dimension: 10.5″ Length 8″ Depth, 5″ Height
21 Federal Period Box: A finely carved box from the Federal period in mahogany with original mirror plate in the manner of Samuel McIntire..  Date: Circa 1810   Dimension: 10.5″ Length 5.5″ Depth, 5″ Height
22 Hudson River Box: Rare hand painted hinged box with an untouched Hudson River Valley scene.   Date: circa 1810  Dimension: 10″ Length 6″ Depth, 4″ Height
23 Penn Gazette: Original Copy of Supplement No. 1385, Written July 7th 1755. It holds information and extracts from various letters sent in regards to French Military movement, leading to what would be known as the French and Indian War, (or The Seven Years’ War). Dispatches between Major Monckton and Governor Shirley of Massachusetts. It describes the Capture of Fort Cumberland, in or around June 18th 1755; The Capture of Fort Beausejour June 11th, 1755. Dimensions: 17″ x 11 1/2″ x 1″
24 Bateman Coffee Pot:  This exceptional George III sterling silver coffee pot has a plain baluster shaped form resting on a circular base. It is fitted with a domed hinged cover with an urn final on top. Hallmarks are on the body of the coffee pot belonging to Hester batement, a renowned female silversmith working from London. The coffee pot retains its pear wood handle with cast sterling terminals. Date: 1780s  Dimensions: 11.75″ Height  4.25″ Diameter Base Weight: 26.9 Troy Oz. with handle
25 Tiffany Floor Lamp: Bronze Tiffany Studios Harp Design floor lamp with leaded green glass shade and bronze stand. The stand rests on lily pad feet. Both the shade and stand are signed Tiffany. Dimension: 56″ Height, 10″ shade
26 Tiffany Bowl: A Tiffany and Company sterling silver bowl marked on the base. Weighing approximately 41.1 troy Oz   Dimensions: 11″ Diameter 4″ Height
27 Sterling Silver: A sterling silver shaped serving tray marked Smith-Patterson Co., along with two pairs of salts and a candle snuffer. Approximate weight 50.7 Troy Oz.  Dimension of Tray: 18″ Length 4″ Height
28 Phelps Painting: An oil on canvass painting of a bridge over a brook, by fine American painter William Person Phelps. A native to New Hampshire, he started as a sign painter before diving into painting landscapes, he became best known as the designated painter of Mount Monadnock. Dimensions: Painting: 21 7/8″ x 11 7/8″ Frame: 29″ x 19″.
29 Agapito Labios Portrait: This lovely portrait of a young girl wearing a white dress with floral design was painted by the Mexican artist Agapito, Labios. Agapito was in prison during the Mexican Revolution where he learned to paint. His jailor suggested that his portraits were highly desirable. Signed oil on canvass. Dimensions: 19′ Height  15″ Width
30 Agapito Labios Portrait: This lovely portrait of a young girl wearing a white dress with a blue floral wrap was painted by the Mexican artist Agapito Labios. Agapito was in prison during the Mexican Revolution where he learned to paint. His jailor suggested that his portraits were highly desirable. Signed  oil on canvass. Dimensions: 19′ Height  15″ Width
31 Eldred Wheeler Chest: This is a superior copy of the block and shell design chest crafted by Eldred Wheeler. This  quality cherry chest includes three shells and graduated drawers. TDimensions: 34″ Height  31″ Length 21″ Depth
32 Seymour Classical Card Table: This classic card table is attributed to John and Thomas Seymour, Boston’s premier cabinetmakers in the Federal Period. The attribution is based on two characteristics: Overall design including a lyre based pedestal, set back corners on the tops and serpentine swept legs and secondly, maple veneered apron with scorch mark design. Look at the two examples on pages 356-359 in Robert Mussey’s book on the Seymours for comparison. The figured maple veneered apron really sets off the mahogany of the top and, along with the graceful serpentine legs, gives this fine card table great style. Note also the ebony insets down the legs and defining the “strings” of the lyre in the base.  Date: 1810-1815  Dimensions:  29 1/2″ Height   36″ Width  18″ Depth
33 Seymour Cumberland Action Dining Table: The unique design of this dining table  is extremely easy to open for use, it can accommodate up to eight sitters and yet it folds up to only 16″. It is referred to as a Cumberland action dining table presumably because the first one was made for the Duke of Cumberland.   A very similar one is pictured in “The Furniture Masterworks of John & Thomas Seymour” by Mussey, Entry 96 and attributed to Thomas Seymour. An ingenious mechanism allows one to disengage one or both leaves so that, with the addition of a square leaf, two or more units could be combined to make a longer dining table. This dining table is square in dimension and works well in a dining room of similar shape. It also works well as a secondary dining table, folded up and placed against the wall, ready to be opened up for special occasions.  Note how beautifully matched the three large mahogany boards in the top are and their great color and patina  requiring expert workmanship. Another indication of the great craftsmanship is the finely turned spindles below which still retain their original ebonized ends, an extraordinary detail. Dimensions:  28 1/2″ Height,  54″ Length  16″ (closed), 54″ (open) Width 
34 Massachusetts Sheraton Side Board:  Rare 48″  Massachusetts mahogany side board. This is the rarest and most desirable of the small size Federal sideboards and yet it holds a surprisingly large amount. It would be perfect for a small dining room in an early home or an apartment. Note the beautiful grain to the mahogany veneers and the single board top. Also note the interesting way that the veneer was done on the bottom drawer. Made in Massachusetts circa 1810. In Sacks volume II number 1282.  Dimensions  48″ Length,  41 1/4″ Height, 19″ Depth
35 Pair of Eagle Brackets: Fine pair of hand carved, American giltwood eagle wall brackets. The carving is very elaborate with branches, leaves and walnuts.   Date: Early 19th Century  Dimensions: 18″ Height 18″ Wingspan 8″ Depth
36 Effingham Embree Tall Clock: This is a highly desirable Effingham Embree federal mahogany tall case clock in superb condition. Embree is New York’s most celebrated maker of clocks and watches who worked just after the Revolutionary War.  His works are in the White House, Winterthur, Boscobel Museum and the Henry Ford Museum.  This piece exhibits a distinctive eagle, original finials, moon phase dial.  The tall clock comes complete with original winding crank, case key, weights and pendulum. Both the eagle and the bonnet are distinctive Embree features.   Date: 1790s  Dimensions: 91.5″ Height 19″ width 9″ depth
37 John Needles Pier Table: This outstanding pier table is of a unique design created by one of Baltimore’s finest cabinetmakers of the neoclassical period, John Needles. It dates to circa 1825. Note the ebonized treatment of the ball feet and various turnings and edges which beautifully contrasts with the mahogany wood. Also note the skilled carvings at the tops of the posts and the crossbanding on the blocks above the feet. Particularly outstanding is the original marble top with its original chisel marks where it was trimmed to exactly fit the frame. It has a black painted name that unfortunately we have not yet been able to decipher. The mahogany veneers of the apron and blocks are beautifully grained and matched.  There is an almost exact duplicate pier table with a John Needles label in the collection of the Centre Hill Manor Museum in Petersburg, VA. This is a rare and very desirable piece that would enhance the finest collection of Baltimore classical furniture. Dimensions: H. 33 1/4″  Height; Marble Top 52″ x 22″
38 Bnew Hampshire Hepplewhite Bureau: Four drawer mahogany and inlay chest attributed to Langly Boardman of Portsmouth NH; original HJ brasses. Portsmouth, New Hampshire chest. Date: Circa 1810 Dimensions:  38.75″ Height 38.5″ Width 22″ Dept
39 Chippendale Maple Slant Lid: Four drawer desk with bracket feet with original brass. Very nice interior with two fans and multiple drawers.  Dimensions 42″ Height  32″ Length  20″ Depth
40 Herman Moll “Beaver Map”: This is the famous “Beaver Map” entitled “A New and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye Continent of North America…”  Herman Moll, another famous Dutch cartographer of the 17th century, published this map as two joined sheets, using the copper wheel method. This particular map is dated 1711. What makes this map particularly charming is the cartouche on the right side showing how beavers in North America lineup and carry their logs on their shoulders in a supposed military formation.  Dimensions: 28″width  44.5″ Height
41 van Kuelen Map of New York: This map was drawn by the great Dutch cartographer, Johannes van Keulen, entitled “Pas-Kaart Vande Zee Kusten van Niew Nederland Anders Genaamt Niew York” is also rare and in excellent condition. The map dates to circa 1702 and is a copper wheel engraving retaining its original hand coloring. This map was the first map to show the entire Hudson River, from its entrance to New York Bay to Albany.  Dimensions: 27″ Length  24″ Height
42 1st edition Montresor Map of New York City: This very rare map is a first edition “Montresor Plan” after the military engineer who created it. The map entitled “A Plan of the City of New York and its Environs to Greenwich on the North or Hudson River…survey’d in the Winter, 1766”.  At the time of the survey, New York was furious over the passage of the Navigation Acts, Quartering Act, and the odious Stamp Acts.  Fearing open revolt, General Thomas Gage, commander-in-chief of the British forces headquartered in New York, ordered engineer Lieutenant John Montresor to prepare a map of the city and its surroundings. Although the first edition of the map proved to be somewhat unsatisfactory, it was the first map to detail the area north of Manhattan to present day Greenwich Village, as well New York harbor and the surrounding islands. Very few maps of the first edition were produced, making this map exceptionally rare. A later edition was printed in 1775 and used extensively during the Revolutionary War.  Dimensions:  23.5″ Length  28.5″ Height
43 Map of Connecticut: A very fine detailed map of Connecticut mounted as a roll map with original black painted wooden rollers.   One of the few early maps of Connecticut actually published in Connecticut (New Haven). The cartographer, Willis Thrall, was one of several Hartford publishers who issued maps during the 1830s. Thrall also published pictorial prints, including both engravings and lithographs. Date: 1831  Dimensions: 31″ length  22″ height
44 Liverpool Creamware-Washington: Liverpool creamware jug ” Jack on a Cruise” with applied handle. ” The President of the United States ” George Washington on one side and “Jack on a Cruise ” on the other. Dimensions: 10.5″ Height
45 Liverpool Creamware-Adams: Liverpool creamware jug ” Success to America”. Pictoral scene of John Adams as President and a 1783 map on the other side. Dimensions: 10.5″ Height
46 Liverpool Creamware-Jefferson: Rare Liverpool creamware jug with a pictoral scene of Thomas Jefferson with an applied handle. Dimensions: 8″ height
47 Liverpool Creamware-Madison: Liverpool creamware jug  with James Madison, President of the United states on one side and the theme of ” peace, Plenty and Independence on the other side . With an applied handle. Dimension: 7″ height
48 Ben Franklin Statues: This pair of statues of Benjamin Franklin were made in England for export to American, similar to the Liverpool creamware business. What makes this pair distinctive is the error identifying Benjamin as George Washington! Although similar in form, the blue long coat edition has very vibrant colors and fine detail. Its mis-named copy has less detail and clearly a knock off version of the other one. Dimensions: 14″ Height and 15″ for the mis-named
49 Ben Franklin and the Ladies: This large, framed  lithograph titled, ” Franklin at the Court of France 1778″ is a well known image in most US history books. The scene  was published in Philadelphia, engraved in London, and printed first in Brussels.  Benjamin was quite a womanizer, having relations Anna-Louise d`Hardancourt Brillon de Jouy. And Madame Helvetius. And Margaret Stevenson. And Polly Hewson. And Madame Foucault. And Countess Diane de Polignac. And Countess Wilhelmina Golowkin. And Catherine Ray. And Georgiana Shipley. And Madame Le Veillard. And Madame Le Roy. And Countess Houdetot. and so on.  This copy original  lithograph depicts Benjamin Franklin, the American Minister at the Court of France, receiving a laurel wreath from Countess Diana Polignac. Amid the elegant finery of the French aristocracy, Franklin is easily identifiable, clothed simply in a brown suit. The event depicted is a celebration after the signing of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance, which was signed February 6, 1778, in Paris. These agreements established a commercial alliance that provided financial aid and authorized military support for the American colonies during the Revolutionary War. Date:  1853 Dimensions: Inside 41″ Length 32″ Height, Frame 49″ length 40 Height
50 Palmer Sun Dial: This is a very rare 1826 Sun Dial made for Nathanial Neilson of Springfield Estates in Scotland by Robert Palmer in 1826. The sundial has a table of time equations and identifies “at noon places on the ring”.  It is practically an analog computer. Research indicates Nathaniel Nielson returned to Scotland by 1810 after working commerce in North America with sufficient wealth to acquire a small estate at Springfield near Castle Douglas for £3,000 (calculated worth at around £2.5 million today).  There is perhaps a more sinister implication in Nathaniel’s friendship with the family of Sir William Douglas, the founder of the town of Castle Douglas. William Douglas made his fortune in the ‘American Trade’ – a term often used as an euphemism for involvement in slaving.  Dimensions: 14.75″ Octagon
51 Washington Terracotta: Important 19TH century George Washington Terracotta Sculptured bust attributed to Houdon. The famous French sculptor Houdon came to visit Washington in 1789 so that he could make an accurate, true to life bust of this important historical figure. Arriving back at his Paris studio he made the first bust in terracotta just like this example. Washington was so popular that many additional copies were made in Houdon’s workshop and elsewhere. We believe this to be one of those made in the early 1800’s. It obviously used outdoors as it has a beautifully weather surface. Dimensions: 28” Height
52 Washington Marble Sculpture: This charming sculpture of George Washington is only 8″ tall, but it most assuredly manages to capture the essence of the man. Notice the Roman classical garment he is wearing. We cannot recall ever seeing another similar piece in marble and probably made in one of the Eastern Seaboard cities.   There is a small depression on it’s bottom, indicating perhaps that someone had made a stand for it to sit on.   Date: Circa 1830  Dimensions  8 1/4″ Height
53 Reverse Painting of Washington: Reverse painting on glass (Eglomise) of Washington done in Germany for export to America. Along with a delightful colorful folk art rendering of Washington, note the Society of Cincinnati medallion that hangs just below his lapels! These reverse paintings on glass have been misattributed for years. They were done in Germany. Date: 1820s   Framed dimensions: 30″ x 25″
54 Reverse Painting of Lafayette: The finest reverse painting on glass (Eglomise) of Lafayette done in Germany for export to America. This example is both rare and exceptional in quality  Date: 1820s  Dimension: 15″ x 12″
55 Reverse Painting of Tsar Alexander 1st: The title in German “Kaiser der Russen” translates to “Emperor of the Russians” and the painting depicts Tsar Alexander I. This was made for export to Russia. Since he died in 1825, it gives us a good idea of the period in which these eglomise paintings were done.  The quality level is the finest as to composition and color. Dimension: 15″ x 12″
56 Fire Bucket 1829: This leather fire bucket is all original including the rope handle. It is from the Dunham estate and dated on the front-1829. Perhaps only by coincidence the widow Dunham in 1829 filed a petition in NY to claim ownership of the property (Dunham v. Osborn).
Dimensions: 12″ Height 8″ diameter
57 Primitive Dish Rack: This primitive  dish rack is circa 18th century is of interesting design with lollipop ends and wooden dowels to form a rack. There are two slots for utensils (probably spoons) and include is a period wooden serving dish of 12.5 ” diameter and 2.25″ Depth. Dimensions of Rack: 16″length 12.5 Height 10.5″ depth.
58 Rare Union Pacific Poster 1869:  This poster announces the grand opening of the Omaha to San Francisco line. It announces all the benefits of long distance travelling-sleeping cars, eating houses and luxurious cars. Date: May 10, 1869  Dimensions: 36″ Height 15 Width
59 James Fenimore Cooper: Identified in pencil on the stretcher is the subject of this painting, James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851). The painter was Tony Johannet (1803-1852). Cooper lived in Paris from 1826-1830 where Johannet worked as an illustrator of books. In fact, Johannot illustrated Coopers’ first French  edition of his works. James Fenimore Cooper is considered by many as America’s greatest author of his period with his “Leatherstocking” series the most well known. Oil on canvass.  Framed Dimensions: 32″ Height 28″ Width
60 Weisman Painting of Franconia Notch: This Francois Notch landscape painting by William H. Weisman, who lived at the base of Franconia Notch. He was best known for both painting and photography along the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Oil on canvass.  Inner Dimension:   10 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Outer Dimension: 15 1/2′ x 11 1/2″.
61 Weisman Landscape Painting: A landscape painting  by William H. Weisman, who lived at the base of Franconia Notch. He was best known for both painting and photography along the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This painting depicts a typical path through the  forest, a common scene in the area.  Signed in lower right, with description on the back. oil on canvass.  Inner Dimensions: 11 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ Outer Dimension: 17 1/2′ x 15 1/2″.
62 Primitive Painting of Woman with Child: This circa 1840s oil on canvass portrait of mother and child in their Sunday best was done by a professional unnamed artist who had superior skills in lace work, hair style and clothing. Dimensions: Inner 35″ height  29″ width  Frame 45″ height 40″ width
63 Windsor Arm Chairs:  Pair of black painted bowback Windsor arm chairs, bench made with saddle seat on a stretcher base. Dimensions: 18″ Seat height 41″ Overall
64 Pair of Tea Tables: Nice pair of bench made tiger maple Queen Anne style tea tables with porringer top on pad feet. Dimensions:  33″ length 24.5″ Width 27.5 ” Height
65 Tiger Maple coffee table: Bench made tiger maple coffee table with porringer top, medial stretcher base, nice turnings on base. Dimensions:  45″ length 18″ Height 24″ Width
66 US Map by Elizabeth Simmons: Map of the United States by 12 year old Elizabeth Simmons of Duxbury, MA in 1830. Not only is it an exceptional size but contains a significant amount of detail, The tiger maple frame is original. Dimensions:  framed 30.5″ by 40.75″
67 Currier & Ives NYC: “The City of New York” lithograph by Currier & Ives is a large folio size and hand colored. It is dated 1876, before the Statue of Liberty. This is a great bird’s eye view of New York City with exceptional coloring. This is a rare print and highly desirable. Dimensions: Framed 30″ x 42.75″
68 Currier & Ives Port of NY: “The Port New York” lithograph by Currier & Ives is a large folio size and hand colored. This is a great bird’s eye view of the Port of New York City with exceptional coloring. This is a rare print and highly desirable. Of interest, the statue of liberty is in the scene.   Dimensions: Framed 29.5″ x 42.75″
69 Plan of the City of Washington Map: There have been several different maps of Washington DC that were published in the 1790s. The first edition was published in 1792 and suggests that the suggested plan of Washington DC would be ready in 1800. This edition is from 1795 and was first printed in England. All editions are from atlases and have fold marks. On this map there are three buildings added by hand suggesting that someone was updating the plan in DC.  Dimension:  Framed 23″ x28″
70 Travels in Egypt and Nubia by Frederick Lewis Norden: Frederick Lewis Norden was a Danish Naval captain,  cartographer and archeological explorer. Norden  was tasked with a broad mission to enter into a trade agreements with the African Continent.  Known for observing, taking notes, and drawings, his exploration of Egypt and Nubia provided hime an opportunity to create sketches of the great monuments and  Nile River landscapes.  His drawings provided Europe with first glimpse of the treasures of  the African continent. The groundwork for this publications were first started in 1741, but was published posthumously, as he became wounded in war and died  later of tuberculosis. The King of Denmark subsequently publish the entire work in 1755.  The book combining volumes one and two holds 159 detailed sketches and maps including the Sphinx without the nose (Napoleon later had a sketch made with the nose), river traffic on the Nile, the Pyramids, the Temple of Memnon, obelisks, and Philae Temple in its original location.  The volume was owned by the Earl of Sheffield, with nameplate and inside cover. The Earl , George Holroyd 3rd, became Earl in 1876 and died in 1909. He was a renown cricket player and benefactor.  The volume was printed by Lockyer Davis and Charles Reymers in Holborn, London; Printers to the Royal Society. Date: 1757  Dimensions: 19″ x 12″ x 3″
71 Egyptian Pocket Book: This leather pocket book was made in Alexandria, Egypt by the firm “Dixie”, a maker of all kinds of leather goods. The cover is exceptional with the pyramids and camel motif. There are three pockets with one zippered, a mirror and two card holders. The back of the pocket book has several Egyptian deities. Date: mid 2oth Century   Dimensions:12″ width 8″ Height
72  Girandole Mirror: There are many gilt mirrors that were made in this period but few ever survive with all of their original decorative details intact. And even fewer survive with their original gilt surface as this one. It is difficult to discern the country of origin of these mirrors, even knowing the secondary wood, but it is our opinion that the mirror is more than likely American made. This mirror is distinguished by exceptional proportions and finely carved eagle. It lacks a backboard which we have chosen not to replace as it would serve no useful function. Minor wear of gilt as expected. These girandoles are a great decorative element in a room especially because of the way the convex mirror surface reflects images and light.  Date: 1800-1810   Dimensions:  28″ Height  24″ Width
73 Boston Neo-Classical Looking Glass: This rare mirror is from a small group made in Boston during the period 1815 to 1825. They are distinguished by the rare composition panels at the top that feature adult and child figures. Our two are titled “Now listen to a pretty story” on the left and “Here the darling is awake” on the right. Winterthur owns a pair, one of which is illustrated in “American Furniture: The Federal Period” by Montgomery on page 281. Note that theirs are very similar with slightly different titles. Also note that this one is significantly larger and, therefore, more impressive. Dimensions: 52.5″ Height  40.5″ Length
74 Federal Giltwood Mirror: Federal giltwood mirror with and eglomise tablet of grape vine design. Dimensions: 55″ Height  33″ Width
75 Upper Ferry Bridge: Print on textile depicting the Upper Ferry Bridge which crossed the Schuylkill River. It was as a record-setting timber bridge across the Schuylkill River near Philadelphia. It was built in 1812 by Louis Wernwag and was considered his finest bridge design. At the time the 340 foot bridge was 98 feet longer than any bridge in the United States. Dimensions: Image 20.5″ x23.5″
76 Large NYC Lithograph: Lithograph of New York City printed in 1851. Engraved by Himley  and printed by Heine, J. Kummer and Dopler. Surrounded by sailing ships and steamships. Dimensions: Image 26″ x 37,5″  Overall 26″ x 37.5″
77 Audubon Print: This Audubon print are from the second edition done by Julius Bien in New York City in 1860 using the newly invented process of chromolithography. Each color was added by a separate printing plate and finished with hand coloring. Because the Civil War broke out before the printing run was finished, only 100 different plates were done, and consequently these prints are rarer than the earlier Havell edition.  Blackbirds, Plate 216, elephant  folio size. Dimension: Image 22″ x 31.5″  Framed 32.5″ x 42″
78 Audubon Print: This Audubon print are from the second edition done by Julius Bien in New York City in 1860 using the newly invented process of lithography. Each color was added by a separate printing plate and finished with hand coloring. Because the Civil War broke out before the printing run was finished, only 100 different plates were done, and consequently these prints are rarer than the earlier Havell edition. Rusty Krackle plate 222.  Dimensions: Image 21″ x 30″ Framed 28″ 41″
79 Catesby Chromolithograph-Wood Pelican: Englishman Mark Catesby wrote the “Birds of Florida and Carolina” in 1730s, preceding Audubon by 100 years. The framed Wood Pelican is from the first edition. Dimensions:  Image 13″ x 20″  framed 21″ x 28″
80 Catesby Chromolithograph-Brown Bittern: Englishman Mark Catesby wrote the “Birds of Florida and Carolina” int 1730s, preceding Audubon by 100 years. The framed Brown Bittern is from the first edition. Dimensions:  Image 13″ x 20″  framed 21″ x 28″
81 Country Box: Country hinged storage box with printed tiger on the top lid as well as decorated foliage. Dimensions: 4″ Height 12″ Width 9.5″Depth
82 Decorated Box:  Early 19th century decorated storage box with hinged lid and brass gilded feet. Painted landscape scene on lid, decorations on all four sides. Dimensions:  6″ Height  12″Width  8.5″ depth
83 DC Box: Country storage box with lid scene of the U.S. Capital, Washington D.C.  Made in Worcester Massachusetts.  Dimensions: 3″ Height  10.5″ Width  7″ Depth
84 NY Federal Tiptop Table: NY Federal tip top table candlestand, old finish and no restoration. Circa 1810  Dimensions: 26.5″ height 15.5″ Width 24″ Depth
85  New England Sewing Box: Large size new England sewing box with great original painted surfaces. Not only does this sewing box retain its original painted outer surface but it has all of its original interior painted surface. Note how ingenious the interior is set up. Both the front and back sections open up to neat storage spaces. Present is all the sewing paraphernalia which includes scissors, bone tools, spools of thread, etc. The hand colored lithograph of George Washington in the lid may be a Currier & Ives which was added in the mid-1800’s. Note the large size as it is 16″ in width and 10 1/2″ in depth. A nice item for a folk art or needlework collection.  Date:  circa 1830  Dimensions: 16″ Width 10 1/2″ Depth  6 1/2″ Height
86 Federal Cherry Sewing Box: This is one of the finest Federal, New England period sewing boxes known. The case is figured cherrywood, the top has a burl walnut veneered surrounded by bellflowers. The outer edge of the top has band inlay in a very unusual pattern. The box has its original octagonal insert although the fabric is not original. Date: 1800-1820   Dimensions: 10.75″ width 6.6″ tall.
87 NH Chippendale Maple Tall Chest: Seven graduated drawer Chippendale maple tall chest with bracket bases and original brass that is expertly refinished. Skinner sale  June 16, 1990  lot 13.  Dimension: 60.25″ Height 36″ width 18.5″ depth
88 Gate leg Table: William and Mary gate leg table with oval top and great turnings Two drop leaves.   Dimension: 28″ Height  36″ length 15″ Depth
89 Windsor Writing Arm Chair: Period Windsor writing arm chair in black paint. Single drawer under writing arm. Saddle seat. Dimensions: 17″ Seat height , 38′ Overall Height
90 Reverse Painting of Washington: The eglomise portraits of Washington are individually hand done and come in seemingly endless varieties. They are true folk art and make a wonderful wall display. The frame, glass, painting and backboards are all original. Dimensions: 10 1/2″ Height 8 !/2″ Width
91 Reverse Painting of Washington: The eglomise portraits of Washington are individually hand done and come in seemingly endless varieties. They are true folk art and make a wonderful wall display. The frame, glass, painting and backboards are all original. Dimensions: 10 1/2″ Height 8 !/2″ Width
92 Reverse Painting of Washington: The eglomise portraits of Washington are individually hand done and come in seemingly endless varieties. They are true folk art and make a wonderful wall display. The frame, glass, painting and backboards are all original. Gold frame. Dimensions: 13.5″ Height 10.5″ Width
93 Reverse Painting of Washington: The eglomise portraits of Washington are individually hand done and come in seemingly endless varieties. They are true folk art and make a wonderful wall display. The frame, glass, painting and backboards are all original. Dimensions: 10 1/2″ Height 7 !/2″ Width
94 Pair of cement garden lions  Dimension: 30″ Height
95 Stone carved eagle with pedestal. Dimensions:  Eagle 22″ height 13.5 width  overall on pedestal 47″ height
96 A matched pair of marble urns with a traditional design. Dimension: 18″ Height 19.5″ Diameter
97 GAR Banner: Patriotic Grand Old Army of the Republic canvas banner mounted on Masonite. Banner depicts eagle, shield, cannons and shot. Dimensions: 36.5″ Height  66.6″ Length
98 NY Artillery Division Muster: This is an 1844 Muster of all NY State Militia and National Guard organized as the 1st Artillery Division. The most famous unit in the muster was the Washington Greys so named because they marched in Washington’s first inaugural in New York City. By 1848 the units were largely  re-organized with many of the soldiers re-assigned to the 8th NY Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. Today the 258th Field Artillery traces its roots back to the Washington Greys. Dimensions: Framed 28″ height 36″ Length
99 Annotated lithograph of Confederate prison in Salisbury, NC: This is a rare lithograph of the North Carolina Salisbury Prison with hand notations by one of its prisoners, William Bradbury Ryan of the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment. Not only does he give a history of his confinement, he points out his “apartment” in the prison.  Ryan was captured by Stuart’s Cavalry at Bull Run and eventually landed in Salisbury in March 1862. He was both a musician and medic to fellow prisoners and was often required to play his violin at Confederate officer gatherings, playing “Dixie” and other favorite tunes.  After the Civil War, Ryan assembled a compendium of fiddle tunes (known today as “Ryan’s Mammoth Collection”).  Originally published in Boston in 1883 by Elias Howe, Jr., this collection has remained in print in one form or another ever since and has been used as a source of tunes by many generations of fiddlers.  Dimensions: 37 1/2″ x 27 1/2″ Inside 41 1/2″ x 31 1/2″ Outside
100 Cloth Declaration of Independence: Exceptional and rare 1821 printing of The Declaration of Independence on cloth in black ink. Produced and distributed by Robert & Colin Gillespie for the American market. There are facsimile signatures of the signers and the 13 state seals surrounding the document. Washington, Adams and Jefferson are depicted on top of the document along with a detailed eagle. This is the earliest known rendition on cloth. Dimensions: Framed 34″ Height 32″ Width
101 Cloth Declaration of Independence: Rare 1821 printing of The Declaration of Independence on cloth. Produced and distributed by Robert & Colin Gillespie for the American market. There are facsimile signatures of the signers and the 13 state seals surrounding the document. Washington, Adams and Jefferson are depicted on top of the document along with a detailed eagle. This is the earliest known rendition on cloth. Dimensions: Framed 36″ Height 31.5″ Width
102 Pair of Argands: Rarely does one find classical lighting in its original untouched condition. These argands have not been polished, repatinated, electrified, etc. They may be filled with oil with a new wick and actually lit! Each bears the label “Messenger & Sons, 63 Hatton Garden, London & Birmingham, Manufactured For Alfred Welles, Boston”. Messenger was at this address from 1833-48 which allows us to date the lamps very accurately. The period shades are hand blown and expertly hand engraved. Dimension:13 1/4″ Height
103 Eglomise Mirror with Eagle : Early federal mirror with rare eagle eglomise. Made in New England, probably Boston, it retains its original reverse painted American eagle and its original gilt surface. Dimensions: 32.5″ Height  19.5″ Width
104 Vermont  Half-Sideboard : Note the size, the width being a bit over 4 feet. The case is cherrywood and the front drawers and doors are finished with  beautifully matched bird’s-eye maple veneers. In addition these are crossbanded with mahogany veneers to add contrast. And note how the top is further embellished with mahogany crossbanding and lightwood edge string inlay. There appear to be 4 bottle drawers but in actuality there are only 2 as the lower ones are false. So when the cupboard doors are open the storage space on the bottom shelf is much larger than one would expect.   Date : Circa 1810  Dimensions:  44 1/2″ Height  51″ Width  22″Depth
105 Set of Four Eagle Back Chairs: Set of four Federal mahogany dining chairs with carved eagle back splat. Needle point seats on sabre legs. Would go nicely with the Seymour dining table. One chair stamped “LWP” perhaps the maker or owner.  Date: Circa 1815  Dimensions: 18″ Seat  height 33″ Overall

Important Early New York Painted Side chairs:  This pair is a museum quality New York painted floral decoration side chairs.  The Met in New York City owns a pair of these side chairs with a matching settee (pictured in “American Painted Furniture 1660-1880” by Dean Fales on page 111). The Garvan collection at Yale owns one side chair (pictured in “300 Years of American Seating Furniture” by Patricia Kane in full page color Plate 13 and on page 162). Another owned by Hirschl & Adler is pictured in color on page 81 of “American Painted Furniture” by Schaffner and Klein. These chairs are fascinating for the insight they provide into how colorful and creative our early furniture could be. Few collectors are even aware of their existence. The chairs are made of ash with typical cherry front to back cross braces underneath the seat, typical NYC characteristics. They remained untouched after that for almost 200 years until they were discovered. These chairs would be a magnificent addition to any museum quality collection of early Federal painted furniture. Dimensions:  18″ Seat Height 35″ Overall Height

107 Declaration of Independence on cloth: Printed cloth of the Declaration of Independence. Assembly of the founding fathers with signatures and identifications below. Dimensions: Overall 32″ Height 36″ Length
108 Carry English Globe: Carry terrestrial globe made in London. Includes Captain Cooks newest discoveries. Ring stand with the zodiac and calendar. Wood tri-leg stand. John Cary was a globe maker in London who began in business in 1791. He introduced his new 12-inch terrestrial globe, and the celestial mate, in 1798. . The signature refers to John Cary’s sons, George and John Jr., who worked together from around 1820 to 1852. Dimensions: 12″ Globe diameter 29″ Overall
109  Globe manufactured by Gilman Joselin of Boston : Very Fine Terrestrial Globe on stand  manufactured by  Gilman Joselin of Boston.  What makes this globe so desirable is its nearly pristine original condition. It retains it original brass and turned walnut base with beautiful undisturbed patina. The large 13″ diameter globe is bright and easy to read, not dark and oxidized as most antique globes are. Date: Circa 1880 Dimensions: H. 21″  Height 13″ Diameter Globe
110 Audubon Print: Crested Titmouse plate 125, marked Parus Bicolor. Dimensions:  Image 17″ x 23″ Framed 27.5″ x 35″
111 Pike Barometer: This early Pike barometer is an early flat design made prior to the ubiquitous banjo barometers. In fact it is one of the earliest  ones know.  Benjamin Pike (1777-1863) was born in London and moved to New York in 1798 and set up shop on 518 Broadway, NYC as an optician and scientific instrument maker.  Date: Circa 1831-1835  Dimensions:  40″ height  7″ Width
112 Pike Banjo Barometer: This Banjo type barometer was made sometime after 1841 when both Pike’s sons joined the firm. Benjamin Pike was one of the earliest scientific instrument makers in American and won in 1837 a silver medal by the Mechanics Institute of New York for one of his mountain barometers. Dimensions 38″ length  10″ width at barometer
113 Needle Work: Family register made by Mary Ann Taft of Roxbury MA in 1824.  Dimensions: 20′ x 17″
114 Needle Work: Sampler made by Catherine R. Taft aged 13 from Boston. Typical letters and numbers with a spiritual message at the bottom. Dimensions: 10.5″ x 11″
115 Patio Dining Set: Metal Framed Table with Glass Top, Set of four metal chairs. Metal chairs have dolphin arm design.  Dimension:  42″ Diameter x 24″ Height
116 Driftwood Table: Unique Glass Top Coffee Table with Driftwood Base. Dimensions:  46″ Diameter x 17″ Height
117 Paint decorated Sofa: Period paint decorated sofa from a Stonington, CT home. Probably made in Albany. Dimensions: 65″ length 37″ Height 24″ Depth
118 Regency Footstool: Attractive Regency footstool with needle point seat and old webbing. Dimensions: 19″ Stool Height  20″ Width  16′ Depth
119 Drawing of Civil Soldiers: A charcoal drawing of two civil war soldiers signed by Steinlar in 1915.  Dimensions: 25′ x 21″
120 Civil War Hosmer Collection: A fine collection of letters (approximately 20) and diary from Private Davis N. Hosmer of the 45th Massachusetts Regiment, Company F. The Regiment served in North Carolina. A farmer at age 18 he enlisted in 17 September 1862. He died of typhoid fever in Stanley Hospital, Newbern NC. He describes his service, life style, health and engagements. The unit was stationed in New Berne and engaged the Confederates in Goldsboro and the Battle of Kinston (Regiment lost 18 KIA and 59 wounded) and Whitehall. There is a final letter by Lt Hurd to the family announcing his death. Fighting in the South and succumbing to disease was quite typical for the common soldier.
121 Civil War letter with Battle Sketch: There are two letters from a soldier W. S. Whitney (eligible signed) from company E, 44th Massachusetts regiment serving in New Burne NC. The first short letter demonstrates his enthusiasm as he prepares to go on his first expedition. The second letter is quite long  (12 pages) and depicts the battlefield as a sketch on pages 11 and 12. The letter describes in detail the conflict and his part in it. Letter is dated November 14th 1862. A great read.
122 WWI Stars and Stripes: This volume contains an exact reproduction of the 71 issues of the stars and stripes, the weekly newspaper published in France by and for the American expeditionary forces during the period of Feb 8 1918-June 13 1919. The paper was started at Neuf Chateau, Haute Marn, France, on orders from General  Pershing.
123 Oriental Rug: Multi color with animal and other designs. Primarily red and blue colors.   Dimensions: 113.5″ Length 77″ Width
124 English Wainscot Chair: English Wainscot chair with angel crest and stretcher base, figural arms. Dimensions:  19″ seat height 43″ Overall height
125  Butler Folding Tray: This mahogany butler tray with decorated carved edges, late 19th century. Useful table for serving dinner guests. Dimensions: 25″ Height  25″ x 31″ Tray top unfolded
126 Work Table with expandable top: This is an attractive Massachusetts work table whose top unfolds to double the surface. The spiral carved legs and the figured mahogany veneers on the drawer fronts add a very nice design element. Date: 1815 Dimensions:  28.75″ height 18″ Width 17.75″ Depth
127 Kettle Stand: Kettle stands are extremely rare in the Federal period. Not only is it rare but it has original painted surfaces and gilt neoclassical decorations. Note the raised lip around the top to keep the kettle from falling off. This is a great stand to place sculpture, statuary and folk art. Dimensions: 31″ Height 16″ Square
128 Early 19th Century Server: Early 19th century mahogany Sheraton server with cookie corner top; arrangement of four drawers with brass ring pulls on reeded legs. Lower gallery shelf. Dimensions: 35.5″ Height 38″ Width 19″ Depth
129 Silver plated tea set: An American silver three piece tea set  by Gale, Wood & Hughes Date: Circa 1840.  Troy Weight:  Combined 74.78 T Oz Dimensions: 8″ to 11″ Height
130 Saw Company Trade Sign: This Saw is a trade sign announcing the firm Henry Disston & Sons from Philadelphia. It has black and red lettering on both sides. Comes with the original hanger. Henry Disston was an English American industrialist who founded the Keystone Saw Works in 1840 and developed the surrounding Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia to build housing for his workers. His company became the Disston Saw Works and was the top manufacturer of hand saws in the United States during the late 19th-century and early 20th century. Dimensions: 46″ Overall Length
131 Heriz rug with brick red and blue field Dimensions: 8’9″ x 12′ 1″
132 Heriz rug with brick red and multi color designs Dimensions: 9′ 6″ x 11′ 11″
133 Tavern Mugs: Three wooden tavern mugs of the 1700s all with carved handles and one with a lid.  Dimensions: Height range from 7.5″ to 9″
134 Canteens: Three canteens or ammunition kegs of the 1700s. One has a unique top. Dimensions: Heights range from ” to 9″
135 Firkin & Bucket: One fairly large firkin or a  cask formerly used for liquids, butter, or fish. The bucket is accompanied within original cover and handle. Dimensions: Firkin 9″ Height  10″ Diameter; Bucket 8″ Height 7.5″ Diameter
136 Oriental Rug: Room size oriental multi-color rug; busy design on a predominately ivory field. Concord estate rug. Dimensions 6’5″ x 10′ 5″
137 Oriental Rug: Room size oriental rug, floral and other designs from Concord estate. Dimensions 6′ 5″ x 9′ 10″
138 A lithograph of President James K. Polk, the Eleventh President, published by N. Currier & Spruce St, New York. It was published between 1845 – 1850, and has the likeness of the US Capitol in the background. Dimensions:: 16 3/8″ x 12 1/2″
139 Letter to President Polk: A letter requesting an appointment to the Quartermaster or Paymaster service in the Army. Signed by Louis Brand and commented on by a Polk staff member.  Letter mentions a relationship with Chief Justice Taney and the Peruvian Affair.
140 Nice marble Buddha statue in a typical posture. Dimensions: 22″ height  15.5 Width
141 Buddha stone tablet with small buddha covering the front, back and sides. Dimensions: 39″ Height  19.5′ Width
142 Very large stone Buddha in a seating posture. Fine details especially hair and clothing.  Dimensions: 48″ height  24″ Width 14″ Depth
143 Drop Leaf Table: Queen Anne, New Hampshire drop leaf table. Old surface, nice shaped apron. Dimensions:  28″ Height 42″ Length 40.5″ Width with leaf’s
144 Hepplewhite Card Table: Inlay Hepplewhite bowfront card table from Massachusetts. Beautiful inlaid with ellipse in front. Dimensions: 29.5″ Height  36″  Width 17″  Depth
145 Night Stand: Two drawer Sheraton night stand with attractive turned legs and glass knobs.  Dimensions: 29.75″ Height 18.5″ x 19″ Top
146 4th July London Reception/ US Constitution set: The American Society in London celebrated Independence day July 4th 1902.  The menu and attached Declaration of Independence list the major attendees including Andrew Carnegie. The toast to the US President was given by General Sir Francis Grenfell. Field Marshal Francis Wallace Grenfell, 1st Baron Grenfell, GCB, GCMG, PC (Ire) (29 April 1841 – 27 January 1925)  He was Sirdar (Commander-in-Chief) of the Egyptian Army and commanded the forces at the Battle of Suakin in December 1888 and at the Battle of Toski in August 1889 during the Mahdist War. After that he became Governor of Malta and then Commander-in-Chief, Ireland before retiring in 1908. Included in the set is The Constitution of the United States of America. Copy 102 (of 500) of the A-ber Type co. With Pictures of Jefferson and Washington.
147 Naval Office Letter: Letter from the naval office in Boston, Nov 12, 1888. The letter regrets the Democratic losses in November 1888 including president Cleveland. ” Republican spoils organs are already making up their slates”. ” I sincerely hope that the next man we are called upon to vote for will be a better politician than Mr. Cleveland”. Ned Webber, the author, will most likely lose his position at the naval office.
148 Civil War letters/Civilian Diary: Seven letters mostly from the 7th NH Regiment  ( Florida/ SC) and another NH regiment in the Peninsular Campaign. Letters are full of content–some naive at the beginning-” I wish I was in a bayonet charge”. Discussion of Battle of . Malvern Hill, a Request for funds to buy a uniform, promotion of General Hooker, and “the Col. acted cowardly at Bull Run” and ” all the Rebel troops did not wear uniforms at all but had to furnish their own clothing”. The civilian diary (1863)  had political connections to NH politicians.
149 Tiger Maple Dining Table: This bench made tiger maple dining room table with extended leaves on a stretcher base. Dimensions: Leaves 15″ x 24″  Table 6′ length  x 38″ Width x30″ Height
150 Tiger maple Sofa table: Fine bench made tiger maple sofa table on tapered legs. Dimensions: 48′ length 28″ height 18.5″ Depth
152 Tiger maple Night Stands: Pair of good bench made tiger maple one drawer night stands on tapered legs.  Dimensions:  27″ height
153 Old Lyme signed painting: Twilight at Old Lyme by Charles Vezin ( 1858-1942) dates 1928. Charles had his first art lesson at age 41 and saw his paintings exhibited widely including at the National Academy of Design, the Carnegie Institute, the Corcoran Gallery, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Oil on board, signed  Dimensions: 19.5″ x 16″ Painting  24″ x 20″ Overall
154 Chess Board: Wonderful antique chess board with cut squares. Dimensions:  28″ length  19.5″ Width
155 Sheraton Night Stand: Sheraton cherry night stand with two drawers with drop leaves on turned legs. Dimensions: 29.25″ Height 17.5″ Width 16.5″ Depth
156 Bird Ink Drawing: Pen and Ink calligraphy drawing of flying eagle on blue paper done at Mr. Hayward’s School of Penmanship, Hancock NH,  circa 1850
157 Pair of medallion back stenciled federal Chairs: Pair of medallion back mahogany chairs. Nice stenciling with carved bows . A similar if not identical set is in the MET.Possibly New York. Dimensions: 18″ Seat height 35″ Overall height
158 Oil Painting, Cows: Oil painting on canvass of cow standing in water and two reclining, unsigned  Dimensions:  26″ x 36″
159 Sandwich Flip Glass
160 Clam Shell: Large garden clam shell–a real clam shell. Dimensions: 25.5″ Length  14″ Depth
161 Buddha Lotus Flower: Buddha in front of a lotus flower . Attractive sculpture.  Dimensions: 41″ height  18″ Width
162 Three Sandwich glass pieces, plate, salt with spoon and hat
163 Four blown glass decanters-Sandwich, Keene, So. Boston
164 Glass demijohn, Lyndeborough NH,  19th century Dimensions: 16.25″ Height
165 100 anniversary tea table. Kittenger – Buffalo. Diameter 28.5″. Height 29″
166 Early memorial with willow tree, urn and memorial saying. Original frame. Dimensions:  6.5″ x *.5″
167 Chinese lacquered steamer trunk circa 1890s.  Dimensions: 18.75″ Height 20″ Width 14.5″ Depth
168 Stick back Windsor chair, beautiful base  Dimensions: 18.5″ Seat height 37″ Overall
169 Early 19th Century blanket chest, grain painted. With top simulated over two real drawers, old brass, shaped apron on a cut out base. Probably Vermont.  Dimensions: 36″ Height  41′ Case Width 20″ Depth
170 Light Dragoon Letter War of 1812: This is a letter dated May 15, 1813, to Captain Butler of the Light Dragoons, US Army in Danville Vermont. Danville is near the Canadian Boarder, an important passage way to Canada during the War Of 1812. Dragoons were considered an elite fighting force trained to fight both on horseback and on foot.
171 Lt Parker Commission: Commission for Lieutenant Charles Parker of the Second Company of Light Infantry on 25 April 1828. Signed by Governor Benjamin Pierce and Secretary of State Richard Bartlett. With State Seal.
172 Small Pox Act of 1788: 1788 Act to stop the spread of Small Pox in New Hampshire. Essentially a fine for anyone inoculating someone without a license.
173 Pewter Cruet: Pewter cruet frame by Israel trask (1786-1867) made in Beverly, Massachusetts circa 1825-1867.  Fitted with six blown molded colorless glass bottles, one with pewter top.  Dimensions: 7.75″ Height  5.5″ Diameter
174 European glass goblet and blown vase with overlay
175 Silver mounted coconut shell ladle with tiger maple handle, engraved M. H. Bell
176  Two drawer Light Stand: Mahogany Two drawer Light Stand. Compartments in first drawer. Roped turned legs. Dimensions:  26″ height  18.5″ Width 18″ Depth
177 Pair of rare wooden and jointed dolls. Leather connecting arms and legs, Folk art. Dimensions: 19.5″ length
178 Early oriental runner with floral design Dimensions: 2″ 8″ x 11′ 8″
179 Early oriental runner with busy design Dimensions: 3’4″ x 7″7″
180 Antique map of New Hampshire Jeremy Belknap. 1791. Framed. Dimensions 18″ x 14″
181 Two 17″ Hurricane glass with 9″ candlesticks. Glass has etched designs.
182 Three pair of candle sticks ranging from 6″ to 10″
183 Pair of Trout Prints signed by S.H. Kilborne. Image 14″ x 20″. Overall 31″ x 24″
184 Kittenger candle stand Williamsburg reproduction. Dimensions: 28″ height , Oval table 26″ x 18″
185 Birch New Hampshire Candlestand with porringer corners on top. Dimensions 27.5″ Height  14.25″ Length  14.75 Depth
186 Cherry Hepplewhite one drawer Night Stand, cherry, porringer corners on top. Dimensions: 27.5″ Height 18″ Width  17″ Dept
187 Feathering Stick: Dated 144 with star punched decorations and original knob, used for levelling feather mattresses
188 Small ladderback child’s chair with splint seat. Late 18th century. Dimensions: Seat height 5.5″ total height 19.5″
189 Chippendale style child’s arm chair with claw and ball feet and seat cushion. Mahogany Centennial. Dimensions: seat Height 14″ Overall 30″
190 Lithograph titled “Birth of the Nation”, with Betsy Ross  Signed by the Franklin Pierce Council,. Dimensions 32″ x 26″.
191 Lithograph of George Washington with a victory pose on a stallion. Dimensions: 18″ x 20.5″ Overall
192 Al Hirschfeld print of Bob Hope’s 50th anniversary with NBC. Signed by Bob Hope. Dimensions:16.5″ x 13″
193 A short history of Roger Hornsby including a sketch and 1982 Baseball’s Greatest card. Dimension: 11″ x 9″
194 Six champaign glasses all in original cannisters
195 A set of 6 Waterford wine glasses and one Waterford Candy dish
196 Very early Queen Anne mirror, arch shaped crest frame and original backboards. Writing/name on backboard but illegible. Worthy of installing period glass. Dimensions: 19″ length 11″ width
197 Folk art ship hull in green paint Dimensions: 26″ length
198 Wooden staved canteen branded J. Griffen
199 New England paint decorated dome-top box, Early 19th Century
200 Paint decorated dome storage box with original lock and side handles. Dimensions: 24″ length 11.5″ Height 13″ Depth