Consignment of Individual Items

Before you make the decision to sell antiques, jewelry, or fine art, give us a call so that we may assist you in determining the value of your items and whether they are suitable for sale at auction or another format.

Step 1-Call Us First or Send Us a Photo and Description

If you think you have an item or several items for consignment, call us for a free consultation.  We may find that your items would be ideal for auction or we may need additional information and a with an accompanied photograph. You can use the IMAGE UPLOAD feature. There is also an option for bringing in items in person for appraisal with a prior appointment.

Step 2-Receive a written or verbal appraisal

We will provide verbal auction evaluations free of charge and with no obligation to consign.  If you need a written appraisal for estate planning, tax, or insurance purposes, we will waive the appraisal fee if you are considering selling your items at our auctions.

Consignment of Collections

Step 1-Receive a Preliminary Appraisal

During a House Call, we offer a complete appraisal service, for both estate and insurance purposes. Our appraisers are and have over 50 years’ experience as collectors and dealers in estate antiques and decorative furnishings.

Step 2-Sign a Consignment Contract

Please carefully review and sign your contract. The contract will contain the following:

    • The commission rate and fees that you will be charged
    • The high and low auction estimates listed for each item; for large lots a total high and low estimate will be given
    • High value objects may contain a reserve, or a minimum price at which the item can sell
    • Most items will be offered without reserve to stimulate competitive bidding

We cannot guarantee a final hammer price but we will inspire potential bidders to join the market for your items

Step 3-Have Us Transport the Collection

We will schedule efficient moving services for large consignments and estates. After your house call, we will schedule a truck to gather the collection at a later date. We use experienced shippers who have handled priceless collections.

Step 4-Photograph, Catalog, and Market Your Collection

We will give your collection worldwide exposure various print and digital media formats. Our specialists will research and catalog your material, our photographers will take high quality pictures, and our marketing team will plan advertisements, digital events, and collector outreach prior to the auction. Superior quality photographs and descriptions of your items will appear in the online auction catalog that have been optimized for web searches. We are committed to maximize value for your consignments.

Step 5-Attend the Auction and Participate in the Action

Our auctions are fun and entertaining for both bidders and consignors alike.

NHAA (New Hampshire Auctions and Appraisals) Consignment Forms

NHAA Auction Consignment Contract
NHAA Auction Inventory Sheet

Getting an Appraisal

An appraisal is an opinion of the value of an item which may vary at a given point in time. All NHAA (New Hampshire Auctions and Appraisals) appraisals are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).   NHAA appraisers are accomplished professionals and will provide an efficient and reliable estimate of value. For a written appraisal NHAA will charge a competitive fee. However, a written appraisal is not a necessary condition for selling at auction. At NHAA we provide verbal estimates of value free of charge.

Market Value

Market value can be Fair Market Value or Replacement Value. A Fair Market Value Appraisal from NHAA is a document stating the resale or auction value of your item/property. A Fair Market Value Appraisal is often needed for estate tax or charity purposes. Replacement value, on the other hand, is normally used for insurance purposes and reflects the retail replacement value of the item/property.

Both types of appraisals will contain a detailed description of each item valued.

Appraisal Appointments and House Calls

Our appraisers must view your items/property in person to assess value. NHAA expert appraisers can conduct an appraisal by appointment at our Goffstown, NH offices or they can willingly conduct house calls at your home or place of work.  NHAA appraisers will travel throughout the US for items/property of high value.

Contact Us

Contact Ken Labnon (603-680-1676) or Gary Yeaton (1-603-491-2635) for more information or to arrange a written appraisal. Our email us at


Before we accept an item on consignment, we have to see it. Take pictures and send all relevant information to our appraisal team including your purchase price or estimate of value.  Please submit  a minimum of 3 to 10  .jpg / .jpeg / .png images per item. One of the entire item, plus detailed views of signatures, marks, or damage, is helpful.

1 Item Per Form Submission                                                                                                           Image Examples