New Hampshire Auctions and Appraisals LLC

Offering competitive commission rates, personalized service and prompt & accurate accounting and payment– Within 14 Days!


    • A complete inventory is signed and given to you as a receipt.
    • We are fully insured & bonded and licensed in NH
    • We have an extensive mailing list gathered over our 60 years in the auction business.
    • Through our WEB site – www.nhauctionsandappraisals, you have the benefit of world-wide exposure of your items.
    • We advertise extensively in newspapers and appropriate trade publications
    • No NH sales tax

 A CHECK IN FULL PAYMENT —— WITHIN 14 Days following the Auction, the Consignor will be Sent an Itemized List with Selling Prices.


New Hampshire Auctions and Appraisals LLC

We offer a complete appraisal service, for both estate and insurance purposes. Our appraisers are and have over 50 years’ experience as collectors and dealers in estate antiques and decorative furnishings. Areas of specialty are  American Furniture, Books and Documents, Fine Art, Clocks, and Jewelry, and Primitives. We provide our clients with a report with supporting documentation and photographs as necessary. Normally, our fee is $250 for the first hour and $100 thereafter per hour. Frequently, the fee is waived if you consign the items to our auction.  Call for a free consultation: 603-731-9876 or 603-680-1676.


New Hampshire Auctions and Appraisals LLC

We can provide an immediate solution to your estate-settlement headaches! Our crew can do a complete clean-out of a house, while removing your ANTIQUES for auction. All you have to do is have a roll-off container placed at your location (at your cost), and we will dispose of the trash and the household contents which have NO AUCTION VALUE in the sorting process. We will hire the crew and arrange for transportation. The result is a broom-clean house – ready to be renovated, cleaned or sold.

Our methods save the owners/heirs valuable time, for it’s hard to be objective about your own possessions. NHAA’s (New Hampshire Auctions and Appraisals), on the other hand, will set aside any personal papers, photographs and family treasures for the family to sort through. Over the course of our many years in the business of selling antiques at auction, we have kept abreast with the current trends in the business and know what sells and what has little or no value, (and consequently not worth moving.) Call for a free consultation to determine if our service would be right for you: 603-731-9876 or 603-680-1676