Lot of 3 dolls purchased by Carol Corson from Dorothy Schoenhut and Freida Schoenhut in 1990 and 1996. These dolls were originally purchased by Albert Schoenhut in Germany in 1910 from which he modeled the first Schoenhut dolls. They were then given to his grandchildren, Dorothy, Frieda, Norman, and possibly George. (please see attached history. 1 – 15 1/2 in. K*R 114 boy, painted features, red mohair wig, BJCB, dressed in lederhosen, 2 – 15 1/2 in. K*R 101 twins, painted features, blonde braided mohair wigs, BJCB, original, regional red floral dresses with white aprons (w/ colored ribbons) two have hats, red leather boots w/ socks. We are keeping these dolls together as a lot.