15 in. Izannah Walker boy John Thayer in. cloth doll, Central Falls, RI, 19th century, pressed mold stockinet head, painted features, wispy parted hair, painted black boots with red socks, brown cloth body, stitched fingers, antique wool red plaid dress with white collar and black ribbon bow, (facial crazing and cracks, nose rub, wear spots to hair, some small tears to dress), very rare as a boy, with display items from Carol`s bedroom, 17 in. red stenciled period child`s wagon seat, 2 – 2 in. round stenciled tin items, small cloth dog and elephant, small tin wagon, small whip, small crazy quilt, and small tin train. Notes from Carol 15 in. boy, named John Thayer after his last of three generations of his original family. He is in his sewn on original dress with matching trousers. his side-parted hair is brushed to the right. He has high painted black boots with red shields at the top and gray painted soles. Walker dolls have down tilted feet and even the ones in super original condition have worn toes which may be caused by being carried by one arm with its toes dragging on the floor. John Thayer, named after the last of three generations of the same family who were the original owners, John Thayer of Chester County, PA. He was originally John`s grandmother`s doll. Print of painting of boy in same outfit is dated 1848.